Creating a community

The Dufferin-Finch BIA tasked us to help rebrand the area. Located at the northern most part of the city of Toronto, the area has a history of old industrialized units and a perception of neglect. The group of business leaders that formed the BIA felt it was time to redefine the community and position it for success in the future.  

After meeting with local businesses, the city councilor of the area, and looking at how other areas are positioned in Toronto - we knew we had to do something radical to quickly shift the negative perception of the area.

The first step was to change the name. We took the street names of the two boundaries of the BIA, Dufferin and Keele, and created the new name – DUKE Heights. The name also played off on the fact that it was situated at one of the highest points of Toronto.  

As the new name and branding would be visible throughout the community, we used vibrant colours to represent the brand - and paint a new image to contrast the old grey industrial era look of the place. 

We developed a sophisticated website which included a comprehensive database of all the businesses in the area - with advanced search capabilities by category and location. We provided the opportunity for local businesses to be featured on the website as well. 

To launch Duke Heights within the community, we knew we had to build awareness and acceptance. We developed a launch pad called ‘We Are Duke Heights’ and used it as a rallying cry for the community to unite under. We also launched a video series labelled ‘wearedukeheights’ with local leaders sharing what DUKE Heights means to them. Advertising for the new community was rolled out across social media, transit ads, newspaper ads, newspaper boxes, street signs and banners, welcome packages, member decals and more.





Energizing customer experience

Grasshopper Solar

Grasshopper Solar is the leading residential solar panel provider in Ontario - they found that their customer experience had not been optimized.  Grasshopper Solar asked Us to enhance and optimize the entire customer experience - from suspect to prospect to customer to ambassador.

We began with a deep dive into Grasshopper Solar’s business which included a survey distributed to all past customers, current employees, held focus groups, as well as reviewed all sales and marketing communications and all customer touch points.

It became clear that we had to re-vamp the way we spoke to our customers. We developed a brand platform around the greatest benefit of solar energy and turned it into a higher-value brand proposition: ‘That’s Good Energy’. It spoke to the positive outcomes of going solar. The tone of voice was changed to be ‘humanistic’, ‘approachable’ and ‘friendly’.

By reviewing the entire customer experience, we identified gaps and opportunities to properly manage the customer throughout the entire process. This included revised sales tools, sales kits, welcome kits and thank you kits. The new brand and tone of voice was rolled out throughout all of these elements including new marketing materials.

Lastly, we helped develop a sales script strategy that took the customer through the proper sales gates in the path to purchase. The objective of the sales scripts was to be more educational, more customer friendly and build consistency in messaging in managing the customer’s expectations. The sales scripts were rolled out across both internal and external sales teams through a rigorous training program managed by Us Communications.

Grasshopper Solar is very happy with the revised brand platform and communication materials. By improvising and standardizing all materials, we expect to see less customer confusion - leading to a decrease in customer calls. The next phase is to help Grasshopper increase the number of leads and sales for FY’16.



Staying dry is guaranteed. Staying cool is up to you.

New Brand

Drysol is the leading treatment for hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. However, the packaging was still the original design developed in the 70’s, and the brand hadn’t had any direct to consumer promotion.

New Packaging

Our challenge was to refresh the brand itself and develop a new consumer messaging platform.

Since the product had three different strengths, we had to develop distinct differences between the packaging. We also updated the logo to a bolder and more contemporary style and indicated the product benefit right in the logo itself. On-shelf presence and visibility was the primary objective with the packaging, and the new design provided that in spades.


Brand Messaging

Next up was the consumer messaging. Excessive sweating is an embarrassing situation and most people who suffer from this condition don’t want to be reminded about it – although they think of it constantly. We had to find a way to talk about it so that we were not addressing them directly. The new messaging platform was built around everyday situations that would make anyone sweat, not just people with hyperhidrosis.

This strategy proved to be a winner with the user base spreading to those who would use it just for special occasions. The brand name is recognized by a majority of people who do suffer from hyperhidrosis and they found the new messaging friendly and inclusive.

The new packaging got Drysol more prominent shelf space here in Canada, and will soon be adopted in the U.S. market.




Celebrating health and wellness

Champagne Centre

Champagne Centre is the largest dedicated retail space in the GTA that has a singular focus of health and wellness. Situated in the north of the city of Toronto, the centre has everything from family physicians to diagnostic labs and hockey rinks to wellness spas.

The visionaries behind the concept, wanted to create an environment for people who placed a premium on their health and wellness lifestyle. Our challenge was to translate their vision into a memorable value proposition.

We played off the name – Champagne Centre and brought together the ultimate benefit of health and wellness – the celebration of life.

In developing their website we divided all content into three key segments. Staying healthy. Being active and Embracing wellness. A number of tactical initiatives are underway as we grow with this new client.   



Sharing is the new hope

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton - a not-for-profit organization that works with women who are at risk or are in conflict with the law - came to us with a need to further their brand awareness and to shed light on the work they do for the community.

Before jumping into tactics, we recommended that the Elizabeth Fry Society stand for something - something people could connect with and rally around.

In doing so, we developed the positioning - ‘There’s hope. There’s help’ - a powerful statement letting women within the community know that Elizabeth Fry Society was there for them.

To launch this new positioning, we did a re-design of their website. The new Elizabeth Fry Pee-Halton website simplified the user experience and clearly addressed the two sides of their work – helping women who are at risk with the law, and providing a platform for the community to donate or volunteer to support the E-Fry Society.

To further spread the message, we worked with the E-Fry Society of Peel-Halton and Toronto to sponsor Piper Kerman, author of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Netflix series. An exclusive event was held at the Roy Thomson Hall - where Piper shared her experience in prison and the lack of guidance once released. We were able to use this event as the perfect opportunity to spread awareness about the brand and how the community can help.

At the event we created a Hope Wall- a billboard where attendees could write messages of hope on the wall, bringing the community together though sharing positive and supportive messages. This was later used in social media to share what attendees had written.

The Elizabeth Fry Society had a great turnout at the event - with increased awareness for their services. Website traffic has increased, including time spent on site and resources or information used and downloaded. Elizabeth Fry Society intends to roll out the ‘There’s Hope. There’s Help.’ platform across all communication channels for years to come.



A story that’s easy to swallow

Seaford Pharmaceuticals, wanted to address the declining growth of their Calcium supplement, especially since the category was growing. Osteocit, their brand - was being overshadowed by competition.

A deep dive into the Calcium supplement market and a review of competitive brands showed that Osteocit had no memorable brand story or clear customer benefit.

Our research showed that Calcium supplements had a compliance issue due to the size of the tablet and the difficulty of swallowing such a large pill. Using this insight as a springboard, we went back to our client with a whole new brand platform. 


We leveraged a simple product attribute – easy dissolvability, and developed a whole new creative expression of this benefit.

We created a whole niche in the category based on to this simple yet effective storyline.

We re-branded the packaging of the product to be bold and stand out on the shelves, making the bottle itself look like a glass of water and the pill dissolving within - right on the label - with the caption “Taking calcium just got easier”. The redesign went beyond the label to all the sales and promotional materials.

The re-launched Osteocit had an immediate effect on the shelf and the demand generated has resulted in some national pharmacy chains adding the brand to their Calcium offering.



Transforming lives is being boundles

Clinical Orthotic Consultants is a group of dedicated and passionate healthcare professionals who work with children and adults to help them improve their mobility through therapy and orthotic devices.

The founders of the clinic are teachers, practitioners and global influencers who felt they had to move their own practice, and with it, their entire profession, to new grounds of awareness and acceptance. 

Internal Posters

Internal Posters

Internal Posters

Internal Posters

After many long discussions and discovery sessions we understood the challenge, and we in turn, challenged our client to step outside their comfort zone and position their practice from the patient’s point of view.

The first task was to rename the practice. Embracing the new horizon, our client went with the name Boundless. With the support line of ‘biomechanical bracing’.

New Website

New Website

Next came the website and other collaterals to promote the practice. The response from the patients and their caregivers was the real reward. And in the process we met one of their patients - Shelley Gautier, 5-time world champion and Para Olympian, who embodied the essence of this amazing practice – and as she says it, being boundless is to challenge my limitations.



Launching an education destination

Launching a new education destination.

When Canadian Parents for French, a not-for-profit service that supports parents of children in the French curriculum, came to us with their goal of providing French teachers a resource, we were intrigued and excited. One, because we hadn’t worked in the education sector before, and two, the challenge of turning a list into an engaging and interactive tool had us hooked.

Going through our discovery process, it became evident that teachers spent a lot of time online looking for resources to help them with the curriculum. There really wasn’t a single source that curated this info. We also realized, we had to separate this ‘destination’ from the CPF (Canadian Parents for French) brand. After all, this new resource is for teachers, not parents.

We developed a whole new brand under the name – French Street. A language and culture inspired online destination that French teachers could use, to find guest speakers, camps, field trips, exchanges, post secondary opportunities and more.


French Street responsive website


The first step was to build out a database of resources from across the province. The database was structured in a manner that was easy to classify and group together, so teachers would find it easy to search through – by grade, by region, by category.  

We designed and built an engaging user experience using highly visual elements to bring unique experiences to the classroom. The site had to appeal not just to teachers, but their students as well. Each resource in the database has their own dedicated profile page which includes a description, their contact information, mapping and more.

The site was recently launched at a province-wide event of French teachers and CPF members. French Street was a hit. Teachers found the website to be engaging, easy to use and a definite ‘go to resource’ for expanding their classroom curriculum. One teacher noted, “It’ll make planning my curriculum fun again”. Partnering resources are delighted with the additional exposure.

The Ontario branch of Canadian Parents for French has produced a parent engagement video in English on how to support your child in French Second Language (FSL) programs, Kindergarten to Grade 8: Core French, Extended French and French Immersion.