Attention is more valuable than cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies, including their flagbearer Bitcoin, have passed the $700 billion mark as of the first couple of days on 2018. Soon it will crest the trillion-dollar water line.  It’s certainly one for the history books. But, let’s just pause for a moment and breathe in the air. Not crypto fumes. 


Pay attention to that breath. Cool, warm, sharp, short… whatever that breath was. And for that moment, there was nothing else, but you, paying attention to one breath. Sure, go ahead, and take another breath. This time, feel free to close your eyes. Relish that breath. 


The reality is that, currency, crypto or paper, has no value if you remove human transactions. And by pausing for that breath you have brought us to what marketers value most – your attention.


Every brand, every message, and everyone around you, wants your attention back now. Your phone has trained you to respond. And so has most gadgets around you. The more time and money you have, the more they chase you for your attention. Now how much is your attention worth?


If you’re a brand, how much are you willing to pay for that singular attention? And what do you have to say, or do, once you have that moment?