Expectations rise like the tide. Everyone has to up the game.

It’s expected that your phone will do everything from shoot 4k video to read and write emails, play music and games, find anything, and get voice prompted direction to where you’re going. And that’s just the start. But wait, so what’s the expectation of cup of coffee, or tea? See where expectations can take you?


Now as a brand owner, or product manager, is your product really meeting the expectations of your customers? Are they truly being delighted? Is it better priced, is it better… 


Expectations are high. No matter what the product or service. What was great last year has to up the game this year. No exceptions. You might think – but my product is not a technology product. If a cup of tea can be an exotic, or uplifting, or antioxidant packed experience. Your product better find something more than the old ‘benefit story’.


So, do you run to the engineers? Chase cheaper offshore options? Or do you turn to your brand DNA? It’s true. The best of you, is within you. 


Choose your brand planner carefully.