Unknown ripples become social tsunami

Couch cats dreaming of chasing mice, ping pong trick shots, Ed Sheeran music videos… viral, news-worthy, water-cooler topicky…you get the drift. Overnight, a backyard whimsy, a behind the scene revelation, or an orchestrated symphony of dominoes, goes from a phone video to millions of views – around the world. 


What makes these videos go viral? It’s not slick production value. Although in the case of music videos that certainly helps. But the polar opposite, amateur videos with no directorial eye for lighting or framing, no brilliant editing, or even a storyline, can, and do go viral.


These viral videos have given rise to a new type of star – the YouTube Star. Freshly minted stars, some not even old enough to be in school, pour out of connected devices faster than rocky mountain rapids. 


The fact is, every brand wants one of these wonder videos. And every agency wants to produce these multi-million views videos.  But are brand marketers willing to expose the human frailties of their brands? Or let their customers express their feelings about their brands?


What is authenticity to you? And how far will you go to ride a tsunami?